Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:56 pm
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I wish I actually had the drive or interest to drink. Because I feel like I should really want a bucket of booze right now.

I do need a blood pressure pill though.

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Jun. 19th, 2017 12:49 pm
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I forgot how much reading school is. Which is kinda hilarious given what I do. Ah, well.

I did get the bulk of my weekly reading done yesterday. I just need to finish two articles (one of which would be super interesting if the author could just find the thesis and stop talking around it) and follow up with some of the in-class participation stuff. I think my Sundays and Tuesdays are reserved for school, while Monday/Wednesday/Friday are going to be assigned gym days.

Maybe I shouldn't get a cat. I am never going to be fucking home ever again.

My shoulder is also cranky because I did extra swimming. Which. Not fair.
tmbreck: Bonnie, Caroline, and Liz. Time travel fic (You Hold Me in the Dark)
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Title: Chapter 5: Cut From the Same Cloth
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Elizbeth Forbes, Kol Mikaelson, Maddox, Mindy, Rebekah Mikaelson, Sheila Bennett, Tyler Lockwood
Rating/Warning: FRT
Word Count: 3,305
A/N: Thank you so much to kirythestitchwitch for being my second set of eyes on this. Though I list a lot of characters, and some of them actually do get dialog, some of them just pass through.

You and me have taken it out on each other. )


Jun. 16th, 2017 12:08 pm
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Generally crappy Friday today. Lots of work that feels like I'm vaguely treading water. Plus I am having a super low-energy day. And my weekend's pretty much spoken for. Nothing terrible, I just have places to be and things to do that I can't put off or get out of. Which is fine, but I tend to work better if I have SOME wiggle room. Ah, well.

I'm also exhausted and have a bit of a headache. Which makes it weird that the only thing I want to listen to is Imagine Dragons. They're basically percussionists dressed up as a band and are great at percussion. It's why I tend to love their live performances. They've usually got a full percussion section and large drums on stage. Remember the Kendrick Lamar&IG performance at the Grammy's? I want to hug those drums. That said, I'm very confused why my poor headache-ridden brain is all "PAIN. BUT KEEP THE DRUMS COMING."


I'll admit that I very much admire the lead singer's torso. He's so tall! There's just something really cool about the way he moves through space. His reach is insane. Plus, he's a big dude and you can kinda see the power in the way he moves. It's neat!

Class went fine. There are apparently a ton of us in Chicago, so possible meetup. Which I think I'd be ok with? Meh. Tons of reading to do next week. And I need to start working on my first response paper. *SIGH* Ugh, writing.

Thoughts on books.

Jun. 15th, 2017 11:43 am
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Well, it looks like I won't probably get through my summer reading project before my class starts. Under a recommendation from havocthecat's request for book recs post, I picked up "The Craft Sequence" by Max Gladstone. Which is basically an omnibus of his first five novels. They are not short novels.

I've finished two and a half of them (Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise, and Full Fathom Five, for reference) and I think I kind of need a bit of a break? On the one hand, they are well written. There's also some pretty conscientious work on the part of the author to make the varying lead tertiary characters something other than white and straight. In the three books, there hasn't been a traditional hero's journey or arc. The closest to that was probably in 2SR, but spoiler ) And even the Rookie Wins The Day trope spoiler. )

All that said, I'm having a bit of a hard time with FF5. I think the whole thing got answered for me a few minutes ago when I read a review calling it Fantasy Noire. Which, that seems really apt? But I fucking hate noire? It - as a genre - is just kind of incompatible with how I see the world and how I want to enjoy my fiction? But the characters are awesome. It makes me a bit sad that this is the first published work I've read wherespoiler ). I need to work on that harder. And Kai is awesome! But I am having a really hard time connecting to her as a person. A lot of that, though, rests on the author?

On the one hand, it's really nice to have an author just toss you into the world and let you sink or swim with hints at cultural differentiation. But these books only kind of build on cultural knowledge gained from book to book? So unlike, for example, the Peter Grant novels where you see more and more of PETER'S London, this series bumps you from continent to continent for each book, and while some base stuff stays the same, the cultural component varies wildly. For example, 3PD is set in a kind of Not!Berlin/Maybe Not!New York City, while 2SR feels a lot more like Not!São Paulo/maybe Not!Mexico City. Last we have FF5 which is Not!Hawaii. Think about how NOT THE SAME the people in those places are?

To be fair, I think I wouldn't be having the same issue in terms of cultural whiplash if it wasn't also the same world with inter-related characters? And that the culture is a lot of the point in the book? Because there IS build from book to book.

Basically, I'm feeling a little lost in this series. It's not a bad thing, just different and a bit frustrating. With Kai, I'm not sure how much of my disconnect with her is my general disinterest in spirituality, my frustration with just not knowing what the fuck is going on in her head despite being in her head as a pov character, or the fact that I kinda got tricked in to reading a mystery novel where I just don't know what the damn mystery is supposed to be?


It's a good book, but Jiminey Cricket, I kind of just want the ~flowering narrative~ moment to COME already. I hate James Joyce as a writer for everything this book chooses to be. And while I am going to finish it (probably), cripes.

Have any of you read these books? Super curious!



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